Building & Civil Construction

We make use of industry-standard equipment and products to fulfil the requirements of our contracts and guarantee safety and longevity. Our client-tailored construction services include project management and turnkey projects.

We specialise in offering comprehensive building and civil construction solutions for all private and public properties. Our qualified core personnel which tirelessly run and manage day-to-day operations ensures that we not only provide client-centric solutions but also opportunities to upskill local communities.


Services We Offer

Our end-to-end building & civil construction services offering is backed by our 3 years of experience, standard processes, quality assurance and expertise in multiple technologies. We ensure that each project is supervised from inception to conclusion.

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Foundations, Concrete slabs, General building, Piling, Paving, Painting, Tiling, and Steelworks

Site Management

Civils, Landscaping, Renovations, Electrical, Single & three-phase installations


Water reticulation, Sewage lines, Bulk water lines, Stormwater management, and Flood control measures

Interior & Exterior Design

Interior and exterior painting, roof and wall painting, as well as repairing, finishing, maintenance, and wallpapering.


We offer three construction approaches to fit the needs of our clients. Each one has unique advantages and disadvantages. No matter the approach clients choose, it’s our goal to deliver the highest quality product through a collaborative, transparent building experience.

Approach 1 - Construction Management at Risk

With our approach, the owner engages with the architect or contractor first. The architect starts to develop the design and the contractor is hired as early into the design process as possible so the two firms can work collaboratively from beginning to end like in Design-Build. The main benefit of this approach is the guaranteed maximum price.

Approach 2 - Design-Build

With Design-Build, the owner engages with a construction management firm that offers a design-build team. The Design-Build team of architects and contractors work together from the start of the design process until the end of construction, allowing for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Approach 3 - Design-Bid-Build

This is the traditional construction model where an owner engages with an architect first and the architect prepares the design and construction documents for a formal bidding process. Contractors use these detailed construction documents to prepare a bid that they present to the owner. Typically, the job is awarded to the lowest bidder and then construction can begin.