Electrical Solutions

We are very dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers and we continually upgrade and complete training to keep up with ever changing technology. One of our main focuses is service and maintenance. With our experienced service electricians and service management office staff we have a proven record of being accomplished in this area.
Legacy Business consulting can provide urgent service 24hrs a day 7 days a week if needed and with our modern tooling and testing equipment we are confident we can provide prompt and superior service.

Services We Offer

We offer excellent reliable services that add value for money. Our staff prides themselves in being highly trained in all aspects of the electrical field. They have proven to be dedicated and conscientious in providing completion of projects on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

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Multi unit residential apartment buildings, Single family custom residential,Condo, townhouse developments


Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Hotels, Retail outlets, Restaurants,Office buildings, Call centers


Sewage treatment plants, Water treatment plants, Sewage lift stations, Irrigation pump houses, Wood product manufacturing

Other Services

High voltage switch gear & power systems, Interior medium & low voltage electrical distribution switch gear, Alarm systems.


We offer three technical approaches to fit the needs of our clients. Each one has unique advantages and disadvantages. No matter the approach clients choose, it’s our goal to deliver the highest quality product through a collaborative, transparent building experience.

Approach 1 - Construction Management at Risk

With our approach, the owner engages with the engineer or contractor first. The engineer starts to develop the design and the contractor is hired as early into the design process as possible so the two firms can work collaboratively from beginning to end like in Design-Build. The main benefit of this approach is the guaranteed maximum price.

Approach 2 - Design-Build

With Design-Build, the owner engages with the electrical management firm that offers a design-build team. The Design-Build team of engineers and contractors work together from the start of the design process until the end of the electrical installation, allowing for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Approach 3 - Design-Bid-Build

This is the traditional electrical model where an owner engages with an engineer first and the engineer prepares the design and installation documents for a formal bidding process. Contractors use these detailed installation documents to prepare a bid that they present to the owner. Typically, the job is awarded to the lowest bidder and then installation can begin.